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Saturday, April 08, 2006
[a] 7:25 AM

well, you've seen the picture. its about the cip yesterday.

i am not going to apologize i this post (kaiying anna smile!)

though, i must say, it is still my fault. partly, i guess.

i shall say, this failure is 50% of my fault, divided between me and annia fairly okay?

but first, let me thank annia for putting in so much effort :))

now, i shall analyse what was wrong
a) the environment's fault
b) the class's fault
c) the teacher's fault
d) my fault
e) what we did well
f) what we learnt
g) my feelings
not in order of importance.

wait let me tell you the key!
- stands for not-so-nice-words

now, lets begin.


1) for goodness sake, the creativity room is on the FIFTH FLOOR, how do you ask old folks to climb 5 storeys without grumbling and having heart attacks? you can't blame us if the old folks are unhappy.

2) we are taking the malays! we DON'T know their language, so we cannot communicate with them, thus not knowing what they want and don't want.

these two are the points that is neither my fault, annia's fault or the class's fault, so cheerios =D

B) the class's fault

1) they drank up all the hot water even before the old folks had them

2) they gobbled the food

3) they made some noise, though i shall say, not too much.

4) some - ones went down to watch the chinese movie just because they don't understand malay. GAHHHH! >:( irritating!

C) the teacher's fault

1) they did not guide us in our planning, but when the whole thing became a flop, they instead scolded us. okay. they helped abit

2) they have mistaken us: the old folks were HAPPILY watching the movie, no they were not unhappy.

3) its not THAT easy to keep quiet in an environment that plays MALAY language, a language that we DON't understand? yes, i agree we went abit overboard. but WHY do you have to compare us to the chinese movie group? OBVIOUSLY they will be quieter than us, because they are ENGROSSED in the movie! like who would talk if they want to concentrate on watching a uber nice CHINSE movie? and who the hell will quietly watch a MALAY movie we don't COMPREHEND?

4) yah, the old folks grumbled. as if. only one or two was. they were probably having a grumpy mood. or okay, maybe they don't know how to read subtitles. partly our fault, yes. but we weren't the ones choosing the creativity room. that was the main reason why they were sorta grumpy. but most of them were okay after a while.

D) my fault

1) i did not stop them from eating the food

2) i did not stop them from making noise

3) i DID eat half of the kaya bread. my bad. i should have set a good example. so i won't blame too much on you guys for eating the food. though i didn't eat anything after wards. but still. its still abit of my fault.

4) i was not too clear about certain things.


1) we had good service! i shall hug all of you for this ^^

2) we bought nice roti prata and mee goreng for the old folks ^^

3) we REALLY had good service! =D

4) i think the old folks was happy with that =))

F) what we learnt

1) be organised

2) hhave discipline

3) be responsible

4) think before you act

5) internal conflicts affects everything, kay?

6) be more prepared

G) my feelings

1) i did not regret volunterring to take up this task

2) after ky and anna's councilling, i have learnt to analyse the matter, learn from it, put it aside and move forward =D

3) talking to your parents makes you feel BETTER

4) no offence , i feel like saying some - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - *refer to key above*

5) we all rock, okay? we just have to learn from our mistakes and not do it again

6) we should be more bonded in everything. like, only 5-6 ppl stayed back to do notice board okay =X although i think we really did lin shi bao fo jiao


that's all. but from all the - - - s you have seen in my post, you sure will know ahs does pollutes minds with not-so-nice-words aka words that are ALMOST as bad as vulgarities. things like damn darn what the hell what the heck sorta thing. and i DON'T say those really vulgur ones okay? ^^

don't hate me for this post. that is all.

i LOVE sasuke!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006
[a] 4:36 AM


thank you!

i LOVE sasuke!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006
[a] 4:40 AM

i went out with candice today! ((:

its her birthaday!

we went to orchard, first to wisma then to ngee ann city.

there's this toy shop in ngee ann, the stuff are all so cute (:

i bought this musical box for my dad...

we were tired after awhile, so we had our lunch at delifrance.
candice treated me to lunch! yay!

thank you cancan!

so in return for her kindness, i bought her a bag of fizzy fishes from marks and spencer, as a wonderful birthday gift from me-haha...

nothing much, just that we were always lost and didn't know where to go lol...

the whole after noon went by, so we departed at 4:30.


does this seem like a boring day?

at least the shopping was, cuz orchard is not fun at all

but talking to candice is nice ((:


i've gotta go.


i LOVE sasuke!

Monday, March 06, 2006
[a] 3:12 AM

MY VOWS! ((:

1. stop saying excessive amounts of "sorries"

2. stop saying "i'm so sorry!"

3. stop saying "i'm really sorry"

4. stop saying "sorry sorry sorry"

5. stop abusing the word "sorry!"

6. stop saying excessice amounts of thank yous (although much better than sorry)

7. stop telling other people im am a failure/idiot/brainless/stupid person/hopeless/dumbass

8. stop being drowned by my own pessimistic comments

9. stop giving myself too much stress and excessively thinking about what others think of me

10. stop giving others stress due to my overloaded amount of stress and running around like a lunatic

11. stop saying damn

12. stop saying shit

13. stop saying shucks

14. stop saying what the heck

15. stop saying oh my God

16. stop saying wahlao

17. stop saying stupid

18. stop saying idiot

19. stop saying stupid idiot

20. stop saying dumbass

21. stop saying dumbo

22. stop saying bimbo

23. stop saying baka

24. stop saying shitty

25. stop saying shut up

26. stop saying shut up!

27. stop criticising

28. stop being sarcarstic at times

29. stop being rude

30. stop being mean

31. stop being irritating, depending on what another thinks of the word "irritating"

32. apologize at the right times

33. apologize to whomever i had made angry, irritated, annoyed, fed up, sad.

34. apologize to whomever i had offended

35. make friends with those i had offended

36. try to be nicer to people i do not like

37. try not to hate others as much as possible

38. stop having high expectations of others

39. stop being abnormal

40. stop being crazy

41. stop being a perfectionist

42. stop being pessimistic

43. be even more hardworking

44. be an extremely guai person

45. do not speak of not-so-nice words that may offend others

46. care more about others

47. be more helpful

48. be more understanding

49. make others happy

50. be someone that nobody hates. someone ppl likes. somebody everyone is comfortable with.
someone you can realte to. someone nice, caring, kind (this is not a vow)

the end! my 50 rules ((:

please remind me if you think i have broken any of these crimes.

thank you. ((:

i LOVE sasuke!

Friday, February 24, 2006
[a] 4:30 AM

mystery solved!

another tiring day for me, loads of homework and tests ahead.

did a factual recount. my title? not just monkey's business. haha. and i call myself dolphus raymond! (: lolololllll

great. now i can't stop saying posterior! rear end neither.

i'm addicted to a few phrases, seriously.

-i'll slaughter you! (nice one! i love using that phrase alot)

-what the sam hill are are you doing? (credits to scout haha)

-oh man~

-pass the damn thing please (credits to scout again) it was originally "pass the damn ham please"

-sorry(don't blame me for saying sorry. its a natural reflex)

-thank you(another natural reaction)

-biao/piao (me and alicia made them up! credits to the word "diao!")

now, dont you think To kill a mocking bird teaches us some not-so-nice language? sue harper lee for teaching me how to say damn!

sue harper lee, and nice ol' atticus will come to the rescue!

some relief teacher came in for art and God knows what i did, a period passed by without me doing any homework. damn! (blame scout again!)

cd was okay. normal lessons are boring to me.

oh yeah, during dinner, my brother was talking about the people in his office (army de)

he says there's this colleague was so lame, watch finish naruto wanna perform "thousand years of pain" on everybody, watch finish bleach go tell everyone that they can't see him (he claims he is a shinigami, aka a death god)

crazy guy(: he's 19 and he is still so childish! im sure he has pretended to be super man and jumped down from a chair!

oh yes, now i've found the reason why i am so skinny. (i'm just 33.5 kg and 151cm)


im so tall!!!

tell me i'm tall. 'cmon. i am tall.

anyway, my mom told me she was like, 38kg before she was pregnant and 42kg now.

wow, its in my genes!


oh yes, i think i believe its really jonathan velasco! heehee....

my quote for the day:" tell me i am stupid, cuz in emma's world, stupid means clever!"

okay, that was lame. just some "comforting" phrases to make me feel better.

im upset with my results even though i've studied =(

nth else to write, tata~

i LOVE sasuke!

Sunday, February 19, 2006
[a] 9:15 PM

dont know can believe or not leh ((:

choir ppl give comments!


i LOVE sasuke!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006
[a] 4:23 AM

we had a stupid english test today.

i hadn't studided for it and wow, i've lost 10 marks.


whocares now. i shouldn't care. i shouldn't.

anyway, carol, im gonna BASH raymond up
for scolding you okay?

and for making you climb 5 storeys to my block and found that i have not brought my rozen maiden heeheehee.

hey...should i change my skin to a ichigo/rukia one? or a hitsugaya one? or a yachiru one? or a chobits one?

comment! (or is my current skin nice enough? ^^)


okay, i don't think i've got much to post.

Love BLEACH! esp rukia and ichigo and hitsugaya okay? (:

and and and chobits is not "ero" okay?

gotta go now, shall i change my template? i've found some nice ichigo skins!


i LOVE sasuke!